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The following articles are to be found on Ward's Dealer Business Magazine at Please contact us if you would like copies of the articles from the magazine.

Service Advisor Superstar
Dave highlights and expands upon the key traits of what sets super salesmen apart from mediocre salesmen.

Customer Service A-to-Z

It's no longer a competitive advantage to provide good customer service; it's a prerequisite. Here then is my A-to-Z on exemplary customer service and how to achieve it in easy, practical ways

Seven Deadly Sins of a Service Department

Dave covers the seven reasons why we lose customers and what we can do about it.

A to Z Of Successful Fixed Operations

With maintenance times on today's better built cars getting longer, what is a poor service manager to do?

"What's In It For Me?”

Service departments can suffer from bad cases of “WIIFM-itis.” In other words, “What's in it for me” can be something that all fixed operation staffers feel the brunt of.

Advice About Advisors

Two questions service managers often ask are: 1. How many daily repair orders should my advisors be writing up so that they're at a manageable level? 2. What's the most effective pay plan for service writers?

Sit Down to Get Sales Up

In the sales department, well trained personel are trained to "slow the customer down". Why's that confined to the showroom? Why not sit the customer down in the service department?

Focus on Staff Satisfaction

It's not that customer satisfaction is unimportant but employer satisfaction is more important.