Companion Learning

Sell Like Hell Volumes I-III

Automotive and Class 8 Heavy Truck Courses

Sell Like Hell Volume I

The most popular and longest running Service course. It is designed to improve the staff’s: communication skills, customer handling, and Justifying maintenance* ability.

We answer questions like:
  • How to up-sell and down-sell to build trust and credibility?
  • How to handle customer’s with more ease?
  • How to present added work with more confidence?
  • Tools to get the right information to fix it right the first visit
*Justifying maintenance means: Explaining the reasons why we do brake, power steering, coolant flushes; benefits of de-carbonizing ; when and where to recommend ride control replacement and more.

Geared towards: Service Advisors, Appointment Coordinators, Service Managers and other Service support staff.

Sell Like Hell Volume II

Improve Customer Satisfaction and Service Satisfaction volume/quality of responses

We answer questions like: How can we get our customers to fill out more CSI surveys? How can we get these customers to fill out in the "top box"? We also cover important selling related techniques like: Knowing the Loyalty patterns of our customers{knowing who our "A", "B", "C", "D" customers are} and how we should treat them. We also go over the myths surrounding "Walk-arounds" on vehicles like "...we don’t have time..." or "It’s the tech’s job...". What to look for when doing walk arounds, and how to present them so they’re not construed as over-selling.

Geared towards: Service Advisors, Appt. Coordinators, Service Managers and other support staff.

Sell like Hell Volume III

This course specifically targets Technicians, Service Advisors and Support Staff and how they relate and communicate to one another as well as to the customers. We aim to improve communication skills, reduce no fault founds, and increase Fixed right on the first visit. This is a "one of a kind" course where its not a matter of "why", its a matter of "how" and "when". Call us to find out ways how this course can be presented to your staff with little or no interruption from work flow.