Companion Learning

Trainers and Authors

Dave Skrobot

Dave has garnered quite a following with his “to the point” business articles on finding new profit centers and improving employee performance. They have been featured over the years in national and regional publications including Primedia magazines, Time4Media Publications and Southam newspapers. What has given him inspiration for writing is facilitating Sales and Customer Service Seminars in the United States and Canada. Dave’s “A-Z of Customer Service©” and “Seven Deadly Sins for Service Departments©” have been published in many different mediums from newspapers to magazines to Satellite Training courses (ASTN).

While working as a Fixed Operations Trainer with Missisauga, Ontario based Automotive Sales College® he has trained some of the largest and most successful Auto Dealerships in the U.S. and Canada. In addition to facilitating group learning, he has written 5 different training programs all related to his personal Mission Statement, which is to “find and implement new profit centers while improving employee performance”.

Mike Rolland

Having moved from the UK with his family in the late 1970's Mike has been involved at all levels of the Automotive business from Technician to National Manager. Mike spent 15 years with Corporations such as Ford Motor Company, Jeep and Nissan. He has written and presented training courses as a Technical trainer and a business instructor at the college level. To compliment his experience with Auto Manufacturers, Mike has spent an equal number of years in retail Canadian Dealerships and his own business in the UK. Currently leading a team of Service Professionals at Stadium Nissan Inc. he is also teaching a business course at SAIT Polytechnic in Calgary. He will graduate from the University of Wales with an MBA degree later this year.